Women’s Advice

Anne Hathaway
Anne Hathaway


[For Woman]


Woman, don’t go over man’s wallet. Because there are pictures and tokens of money and women, as well as the dignity of men.

Woman, do not go to look at the man’s mobile phone, to retain the minimum respect for men! If there are text messages that you shouldn’t let you see, clever men are deleted at the first time and will never leave you the opportunity. Checking the phone will only backfire, causing men’s resentment and resentment!

Woman, don’t go to show off your man’s house. Because that can only prove you stupid. The woman’s livelihood has finished the man’s work. Why does she want a woman? Compared to those men who wouldn’t be able to walk out of their body when they are living at home, people are being waited for by their wives, and how can your man be able to embody your sense of superiority?

Woman, don’t stick men. Unless that is the strategy you want to get rid of him.

Woman, don’t mind your man is always busy. The best thing in the world is that the man is busy and we can enjoy it.

Woman, don’t go through the lies of men. Unless you do not want to continue with him. In fact, enjoying his cleverness is an interesting thing.

Woman, don’t think of yourself as unique. Because of losing you, he can find someone who replaces you in three minutes. A good woman, like a leeks, cuts a long shot.

Woman, don’t think that your man has you one is enough. Because you should know that you are not perfect, and what you lack or are not enough is that your man is patient and looking for.

Woman, don’t look wrong. The man who doesn’t understand what strategy is not necessarily bad, and the man who has too many meetings may not be good. He will not, you will, then you are valuable.

Woman, don’t grudge to the man who is good. Because you are wronged by the need for compensation, when you do not have a prize, what to pay? What’s the end?

Woman, do not move the happiness of other people’s pockets. Remember, there is no free lunch and safety is the first.

Woman, you don’t know any place, but don’t forget to go home. Because there are enough unstable factors, you don’t want to mess up.

Woman, do not believe in fortune telling, but can only believe half, it is all good half.

Woman, don’t rely too much on it. Because you can’t plan your own people, you can only become part of someone else’s plan.

Woman, don’t smoke or drink. Because happy women do not need those!

Woman, don’t just look at the process and only look at it. Good men and good women need to be tuned. Looking at the results, some men turn women into shrews, and some men can turn women into rituals. Whether your man is good or not, look in the mirror and see how you know it.

A woman should always cry in front of a man when she is crying. When she cries twice, a man will feel bad and often cries.

Woman, don’t forget to smile. Because smiling women can overcome everything.