Man’s Advice


Omar Borkan
Omar Borkan


[For Man]

Mature men should understand:

Man, don’t ask about the woman’s past. Some things. The more you know, the more pain you get. For example, she tells you she has had 10 men. Some are more handsome than you, some are richer than you, and some are better than you. What do you do? At that time, you’re stupid. The past is gone. If you want a good life, don’t ask about the woman’s past.

Man, do not indulge women to classmates, eat dinner with ex-boyfriend, etc., what kind of love than Shi Jian, three glasses of wine, you can believe in your woman, you do not believe those men, do not believe in this society, everywhere The hotel is basically full, and it will either go with her or it will be a short text greeting and will guarantee to meet her where she is going to meet her.


Men, please remember that women are used to love, used to hurt, used to groan, not used to groan, no matter how angry they can not be hands, hit it, they will never come back. Unless you are raping in bed, or if she is snoring your parents in front of you, such a woman can be beaten.


Man, don’t forget to trust. Some women begin to accompany you when you are not, and have always supported and helped you become better and better. Such women can be trusted.


Man, you have to know that women need to be praised. Nothing to praise her more than a few sentences. It will not take any time. She will be happy all day. You can boast every day that she will never hear enough.


Man, you must know that wayward, unreasonable, and tantrum-loving, is a woman’s nature, don’t bump into the gun, marry her, say a few soft words, and it’s time to cry and cry about your own woman. It is the man who laughs at the crying woman.


Man must understand romance, holiday, business trip, ah, must buy a small gift to send her, even if it is a rose or to constantly surprise the woman.


Men must learn to be delicate.


Men must have their own careers. Not women are too realistic. The society is too impetuous. Everyone is eager to try. For example, it is not that you are in poor health. It is the air pollution that is too serious, the social atmosphere, and it is seriously polluted.